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Vagn Goul Møller

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Tommy Jensen
Adm. Direktør

Hem Group was incorporated in 1989 under the name Hem Traeplaedeopskaering ApS and employs around 25 employees.

After 25 years in the business the founder and owner Vagn Goul Moeller started a generation of the company, and at the end of 2014, Tommy Jensen joined as co-owner and CEO. Director.

In the beginning Hem Group started in 600 square meter and a little saw. Today Hem Group has more than 9000 square meter and 5 industrial saws,  so today we are able to handle sheets up to 5600mm.

Hem Group offer a wide range of plates with or without FSC certification. Our vision is to be the preferred supplier for customers within furniture, kitchen, packaging and construction industries.


luftfoto600pxWe allways have a wide range of plate material in varius types on stock, and our industrial saws makes it possible to deliver plates in precise measures.

We specialize in optimization and optimal utilization, thereby minimizing wastage and environmental impact.